25 of the Best Zoos In the World for Your Next Family Vacation

Many of us treasure our memories of a childhood trip to the zoo. It’s easy to underestimate what a fantastic experience this can be for a child.

It will likely be the first time that they get to see real-life animals they’re so familiar with in books and cartoons.

San Diego Zoo – California, USA San Diego Zoo is one of the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuaries and one of the best zoos in the world. It’s home to more than 3,500 rare animals (more than 650 species) and 700,000 exotic plants.

Beauval Zoo, France

Just a 2-hour drive from Paris, you’ll find Beauval Zoo often voted one of the most best zoos in the world for its beauty. There are so many animals you’ll need a full day to experience them all.

Pairi Daiza, Belgium

Pairi Daiza was voted Best Zoo in Europe in 2019 and listed among the 50 must-see destinations for families in Europe.

Ueno Zoo, Japan One of Japan’s most famous zoos, the traditionally laid-out Ueno Zoo is home to many unusual animals, such as Hokkaido brown bears, Japanese macaques, and wild cormorants.

Berlin Zoo, Germany

You’ll be wowed by the only giant pandas in Germany and endangered great apes such as orangutans, Eastern lowland gorillas, and chimpanzees – which are always a big hit with kids.

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