What is Lilikoi Fruit? 8 Easy Ways To Add This Treat to Your Recipes

Hawaii is often described as a destination where East meets West, and its culinary culture reflects this unique mixture

From their popular Poke Bowls to the local favorite Plate Lunch, you’ll crave Hawaii’s food once your vacation is over and you’ve returned home.

If you had a fresh fruit plate, pancakes with lilikoi syrup, or spent a happy hour with a lilikoi martini, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This locally grown food is just one example of how Hawaii imported an item from the West and made it distinctly their own.

But first, lilikoi fruit it is more commonly known as passion fruit. Lilikoi is small, round, and jam-packed with tangy, globular goodness. You pronounce it “LIH-lee-koy.”

1. Lilikoi Butter

Spread it on toast, put it on pancakes, or eat it straight off the spoon! Lilikoi butter’s a delicious condiment that's super easy to make.

2. Lilikoi Cupcakes

Warning: there’s no going back once you’ve tasted lilikoi cupcakes. With their passion fruit curd center and buttercream topping, they’re divine!

Are you looking to replace that evening glass of wine with something from your paradise vacation? A lilikoi margarita could be the answer you’re looking for.

3. Lilikoi  Margarita

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