What’s a Marriott Timeshare? A Guide + The Best Resorts + 5 Things We Loved About Our First Stay

If the words Marriott and Timeshare next to each other have you scratching your head, I got you!

If you’re not interested in owning a timeshare but love the idea of a Marriott condo resort for your next vacation, it’s easy to rent a unit from Marriott directly, a trusted website or a timeshare owner.

Marriott Timeshare: What are the Best Ones? If you’re looking for a fantastic vacation, you  can’t go wrong at their most popular resorts in Hawaii, Orlando or Florida or The Carolinas. 

5 Things We Loved About Marriott Beachplace Towers in Fort Lauderdale 1. Every single unit has a water view

2. Week-Long  Resort Activities Schedule –  Free On-Site Things to Do

3. Free Kids Activity Centers

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