What’s a Marriott Timeshare? The Best Resorts + 5 Things We Loved About Our First Rental Experience

If the words Marriott and Timeshare next to each other have you scratching your head, you’re in the right place!

If you’re not interested in owning a timeshare but love the idea of a Marriott condo resort for your next vacation, it’s easy to rent a unit from Marriott directly, a trusted website or a timeshare owner.

Marriott Timeshare: What are the Best Ones? If you’re looking for a fantastic vacation, you  can’t go wrong at their most popular resorts in Hawaii, Orlando or Florida or The Carolinas. 

5 Things We Loved About Marriott Beachplace Towers in Fort Lauderdale

1. Every single unit has a water view - Either intercoastal or ocean

2. Week-Long Activities Schedule –  Free Things to Do

3. Free Kids Activity Center at Marriott Beachplace Towers right next to the pool

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