Want to Become an Airbnb Host? Here’s When and Where U.S. Rentals Generate The Most Money

Since Airbnb launched, hosts have earned approximately $60 billion in the United States, with women ranking as the highest-rated hosts.

It’s not just the veteran hosts who are making money. New U.S. Airbnb listings garnered $1.8 billion in rentals last year, up 34 percent from two years ago.

New female hosts earned most of that money, making $1 billion in that same 12-month time period

An Airbnb  report outlined exactly when and where becoming a host makes people the most money.

A Few Top Locations: Georgia, California, Tennessee, Colorado

 Peak Times Holidays + Specific Summer Weekdays+ Certain Fall Weekends

Want to make the most money as a Airbnb host?

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