When's The Best Time to Visit Greece? Here's 3 Answers Based on What's Important to You

Greece has stunningly beautiful coastline, an array of unique islands, its abundance of archaeological sites,  unique culture, and its delicious food and wine..

Whether you want to travel to Greece to see the historical ruins or relax on one of its beaches, it's a destination with almost year-round sunny and warm weather

We have three answers ( and a bullseye) for the question, When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

If Weather Is  a Priority

Spring is an excellent time to visit Crete, as the temperatures are not yet too hot. The weather in Greece starts to warm up in April, and by May, it's usually hot enough to sunbathe and swim.

If You Want To Avoid The Crowds And  High Prices

The high season runs from June through August, when temperatures are at their hottest, and most tourists flock to Greece for summer vacation

The Carnival of Patras (one of the biggest and most famous carnivals in Greece) takes place in February or March (depending on when Easter falls) and lasts for three days.

If You Want To Attend Iconic Festivals

Learn the two weeks that Greek expats believe is the absolute best time to visit for warm weather, lower crowds and decreased prices.

Is There a Bullseye to Get The Best of All Worlds?

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