Where Is New Zealand? Plus 10 Reasons to Go in 2023

Snowcapped volcanoes tower above verdant native forests. Warm golden sands lead down to crystal clear seas, and  aquamarine glaciers

You’d be forgiven for thinking such a diverse and magical place exists only in works of fiction.

But we can assure you that it’s very real indeed. Hop on a plane to New Zealand, and you’ll find all of these natural marvels and much, much more

When answering the question where is New Zealand you start to understand why it is a bucket list trip for so many.

So where Is it and what attractions are attracting so many people to this far away place?

Where is New Zealand?

A part of the Asia-Pacific region, New Zealand is in Oceania, deep in the Pacific Ocean, and a thousand miles southeast of Australia

Stunning Scenary

You may want to add a few new superlatives to your vocabulary before visiting New Zealand. The landscapes are breathtaking and sublime...

On the same weekend, you can go from soaking in a self-dug thermal spa at Hot Water Beach to hiking on the magnificent glaciers along the West Coast of South Island.

It Runs the Gamet

New Zealand’s unearthly natural beauty made it the perfect place for Peter Jackson to film his infamous Lord of the Rings movie trilogy

It's the Real Life Shire

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