Disneyland or Walt Disney World? How To Pick One for 2024

A Disney vacation finds its way onto most travel bucket lists at some point, and if you’re ready to start planning yours, you’ll probably be faced with one big decision upfront: Disneyland vs. Disney World.

5 Reasons to Visit California’s Disneyland and not Orlando’s Disney World

You’re Short on Time

With two theme parks — Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure — just a stone’s throw apart and the Downtown Disney District their three hotels are all within walking distance.

You’re a Disney History Buff

Take a nostalgic stroll past Walt Disney’s apartment, which sits above the fire station where a lamp still shines in the window for the park’s beloved founder,

Your Kids are Obsessed with Encanto

While Encanto is Disney's biggest current hit, they have been slow to incorporate elements into the parks. Disneyland has the most Encanto related elements..

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is your jam, Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is the place to assemble.

You’re a Marvel Fan

Disney California Adventure Park is home to one of Disney’s most impressive and immersive lands at any Disney theme park in the world.

You Love Pixar Movies — Especially ‘Cars’

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