What's a Albatross in Golf? A Top Player Explains This Rare Shot

An albatross in golf is one of the rarest achievements, revered by all.

Whether you’re a professional golf player or just a weekend warrior, whether you like golfing for fun or competition, there is something special and rewarding about the game.

One part of the game that has kept its hold on players’ interests since the creation of golf is striving for specific achievements in golf.

For example, many people (who play and don’t play golf) know about the significance of a hole-in-one.

However, only a few people know about the revered albatross in golf, which is arguably more challenging to achieve than a hole-in-one.

What is an  Albatross?

An albatross is one of the most impressive shots in golf, and it’s the term used when a golfer manages to shoot three-under-par in a single hole.

When Do They Happen?

Usually,  when a golfer makes a two on a par 5 (thereby scoring -3 on the hole in terms of par).

The term comes from the expression ‘an albatross around one’s neck.’ They need to hit it long enough to get the ball to the green in two shots (on a par 5) and have the accuracy to make the second shot.

Why Is It Called  That?

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