The Best 24 Things to Do In Kaanapali Beach + West Maui

It’s not a surprise that over 3 million people a year visit Maui. With some of the best beaches in the world, the welcoming aloha spirit, a chance to see Old Hawaii with a road trip on the island’s undeveloped Road to Hana, and top golf courses, it’s got it all in one island paradise. So whether you’re looking to stretch your vacation dollar with free activities or splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, here are 24 Things to Do in Kaanapali Beach and the immediate area.

A Maui Gem: Kaanapali Beach

Courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority

When you think of Hawaii, miles of white sand, crystal clear waters, and palm tree-lined coastline come to mind. Well, that’s what you’ll find on Kaanapali Beach, arguably the island’s most popular and beloved beach. Once you’ve been here, you’ll see why it was the location of the island’s very first master-planned resort area. In 1962 The Royal Lahaina Resort opened on 27 acres of beachfront property, and over the years, more top resorts have followed their lead.

24 Things to Do In Kaanapali Beach + West Maui

Courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority

Hawaii, and Maui, offer some of the most diverse experiences of any of America’s States. As a beautiful paradise, it draws millions of people to a small but fragile piece of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As you explore the beauty of Maui, please respect the unique culture of the Hawaii people and their deep connection and protection of their ʻĀina (land). Visit Hawaii with Aloha’ Āina, a love of the land, so it will be here for generations of visitors to come.

1. Have a Kaanapali Beach Day

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Kaanapali Beach has a gorgeous stretch of coastline filled with powder white sand, gentle waves, and stunning views of the island’s West Maui mountains. You can enjoy endless water activities or just relax on the stunning beach, often named one of the world’s best. Kaanapali Beach includes seven hotel fronts and outdoor shopping at Whalers Village, so you don’t have to go far for things you need!

2. Whalers Village Shopping Center

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Whaler’s Village is a shopping center located right in the center of town and has an array of stores and restaurants. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Kaanapali Beach. Visitors can find anything from surf gear to high-end clothing and the iconic ABC convenience store. Shops include Billabong, Lululemon, Sephora, and many more. So if you like to pack light and travel with a backpack, you can pick up supplies and clothing at Whaler’s Village in the instance of a change of weather.

3. Take a Kaanapali Beach Walk

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The paved path along Kaanapali Beach is about 1.5 miles long and stretches from the Sheraton all the way to the Hyatt. The trail makes for a great spot to take a stroll, jog, or casually admire the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and its stunning sands.

Head out on this walk early in the morning, so you’ll miss the crowds. If you’re staying inland or on another part of the island, park at Whaler’s Village and stop at Island Vintage Coffee for your morning cup of joe! 

4. History Filled Cliff Jumping at Black Rock

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Black rock, or Pu’u Keka’a, is located on the north side of Kaanapali Beach near the Sheraton Maui Resort. Ancient Hawaiian lore said that people’s spirits came to this exact rock after death and jumped into the sea to meet their ancestors for eternity. If they couldn’t find their family’s guardian animal spirit, like Moana’s stingray grandma, their soul is lost and seeps into nearby rocks. It is one of the many reasons Hawaii asks visitors to not to take anything from nature home as a souvenir.

When reaching the top of Black Rock, you can jump down, or cliff dive, into the ocean below. Make sure to wear swim shoes while hiking up, so you don’t cut your feet on the jagged rock.

5. Snorkeling at Black Rock

Courtesy Creative Commons/ Ariane Colenbrander

Snorkeling at the base of Black Rock is one of the best spots to see schools of fish and other water animals. You can rent snorkel gear right off the beach and step right into the clear water to see parrotfish, surgeonfish, chub, octopus, sea urchin, coral, and many more. During the mid-morning hours, you may even spot a sea turtle swimming around! So head out to this spot earlier in the morning to beat the crowds and get the best views of marine life.

6. Experience Stand Up Paddleboarding

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Stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, has become very popular in Maui. Head out to Kaanapali Beach for calm waters and baby waves. It’s great fun for a wide range of ages and abilities. In addition, it’s a stunning sunset activity in paradise.

7. Hang Loose in Kaanapali Beach

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One of the most iconic things to do in Kaanapali Beach or on any Hawaiian vacation is surfing. Kaanapali offers surfing lessons right on the beach if you’re a total novice and want to catch your first wave. Make sure to book a lesson or group class before leaving for your vacation, as they fill out quickly!

8. Rent a Cabana on Kaanapali Beach

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Many of the resorts have rentable cabanas with beautiful views of the ocean and sun protection from the intense rays. If you’re going to be hanging out at your resort all day, it’s a nice splurge. If you’d like to have a beach day on Kaanapali Beach, but you’re staying in another area of the island, The Sheraton Maui Resort near Black Rock has rented cabanas to non-guests in the past. Call the resort to confirm before heading over!

9. Indulge at One of Kaanapali’s Luxury Spas

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Many of the Kaanapali Beach resorts have seriously impressive spas. So whether you’re on your honeymoon, a bucket-list trip, or want some alone time on a family vacation, make yourself an appointment for pampering. Some popular spots include The Spa at Black Rock, Heavenly Spa at the Westin, or right off the beach at Marriott Maui Ocean Club.

10. Visit the Penguins

Courtesy Hyatt Regency Facebook Page

Check out The Hyatt Regency Maui’s penguin viewing area if you’re looking for things to do in Kaanapali Beach on a trip to Hawaii with kids. You can see these beautiful birds waddling around and eating and can capture this memory at the hotel’s Penguin photo booth.

11. Enjoy Hawaiian Shave Ice

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After visiting the penguins, you can grab shave ice right at the hotel. Beloved by kids and adults alike, this Hawaiian dessert is made of finely shaved ice and topped with different flavored syrups such as pineapple, coconut, or strawberry. Ululani’s Shave Ice has over 30 flavors and multiple topping choices to choose from, so everyone in your family can make their own custom treat.

12. Watch the Torch Lighting Ceremony at the Sheraton

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Another one of the free things to do in Kaanapali beach is the daily Black Rock Torch Lighting at sunset, occurring every day since 1963. You can relax on the lawn or Black Rock Beach and watch a local run to light up every torch, ending at the top of Black Rock, where he will offer a lei to the Hawaiian gods then cliff dive into the water below. With knowledge of the historical backstory, this cliff dive ceremony is more than just a tourist show.

13.  Watch Pacific Humpback Whales

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Maui is known as one of the best places in North America to see humpback whales, so don’t miss your chance to spot these majestic creatures. They migrate thousands of miles every year from Alaska down to Hawaii around December through April. So if you’re traveling to Maui during this time frame, make sure to book a tour as soon as you purchase your plane tickets! It’s one of the most popular things to do in Kaanapali and Maui during that time frame.

14. Parasailing Down Kaanapali Beach

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For adventurous teens or adults, book a parasail ride along Kaanapali Beach to see Maui from 1,200 feet above the water. Parasailing is a seasonal activity, only available from May through December, during Hawaii’s peak travel season.

15. Kaanapali Golf Courses

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With two golf courses to choose from, avid golfers can take their best shots at some of Maui’s top courses. The Royal Kaanapali course provides a historical background on every tee, and the Kaanapali Kai course was once the place for royal games. With stunning views and challenging courses, make sure to add this to your list of things to do in Kannapali Beach.

16. Walk the Kapalua Coastal Trail

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The Kapalua Coastal Trail is a 1.75-mile walk just off the coast. The path will also lead you to an area with lava rock and golf course views. However, take caution not to go too close to the ocean, as the waves can surprise you with a splash. The trail starts at Merriman’s Kapalua restaurant and passes the popular Sensei sushi restaurant if you want to plan a pre-or-post meal walk.

17. Snorkel at Kapalua Bay

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As you walk The Kapalua Coastal Trail, you’ll see it’s a popular snorkeling spot. The wind and waves protect Kapalua bay, so you’ll be able to see an abundance of marine life, including sea turtles and dolphins! It’s one of the best snorkeling spots in the Kaanapali beach area, so make sure to come early as there is limited parking.

18. Walk along Front Street in Lahaina

Things to Do In Kaanapali Beach
Courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority

No trip to West Maui is completed without visiting Old Lahaina town, a short 15 minute trip from Kaanapali Beach. Walk along iconic Front Street and browse through local shops, art galleries and learn about the historical importance of this trading port.

19. Visit the Lahaina Banyan Tree

Things to Do In Kaanapali Beach
Courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority

The Old Banyan tree in Lahaina is a crowd favorite photo spot. It’s been around for about 150 years and is recognized as the oldest banyan tree on the island. The kids are free to run around in the park while adults relax on a bench before heading to some of Maui’s best restaurants nearby.

20. Attend a Traditional Luau

hula dancer
Courtesy Wikimedia/ Luke Gordon

One of the unique experiences in Hawaii is attending a luau. Old Lahaina Luau offers an authentic luau that allows tourists to experience Hawai’i through all five senses. You’ll be served a 5-course meal of traditional Hawaiian food with phenomenal views of the ocean. The whole experience is around three hours, so make sure you’re over your jet lag before attending.

21. Zipline Over the Trees

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If you dream of flying through the lush greenery of Maui but couldn’t get a rental car, don’t worry. Skyline Eco adventures meet at a Kaanapali retail location and transport guests into the valleys of Mount Kahalawai for a 3 hours thrilling adventure.

22. ATV Off-Roading

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If you’re looking for even more adventures, book an ATV adventure to explore Kaanapali Beach’s nearby mountains. You can drive an ATV up 2,000 feet on the dirt switchback trails to see the stunning nature and wildlife up close and personal.

23. Fly High in a Helicopter Tour

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Some of Maui’s rugged landscape and coastlines can only be seen by helicopter. There are tours to Haleakala National Park, Pu’u Kukui Watershed’s The Wall of Tears and Keopuka, or Jurassic Rock from the opening of the famed movie.

24. Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise

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The perfect finale for any Hawaiian vacation is a sunset cruise. Book an evening on the Pacific Ocean right on the shores of Kaanapali Beach. During this dinner cruise, you will hear more about the history of Hawaii and its people while watching the beautiful sunset.