golf courses in hawaii

A Top Player Picks The Best 9 Golf Courses in Hawaii

It may be no surprise to find out that Hawaii is also a fantastic golf destination. If you’re an avid golfer and plan on visiting Hawaii soon, here’s a curated list of the best golf courses in Hawaii. From courses with slippery greens that slope towards the ocean to resort courses, you’re sure to find something on this list that you’ll love.

las vegas golf courses

A Top Player’s Picks: 10 of the Best Las Vegas Golf Courses

Like everything in Las Vegas, the golf courses are a product of vast amounts of time, money, and effort. After all, Vegas is just a piece of desert land. So a developer won’t spend all the resources to put a golf course in the middle of the desert that’s just so-so.  As such, Las Vegas golf courses are almost always something special.

The 8 Best Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Picked by A Top Player

There are so many Myrtle Beach golf courses in the area that it can get overwhelming trying to choose which to play. This post will cover my picks of the best Myrtle Beach golf courses to play. From light courses that are inexpensive and fun to enjoy with friends to challenging tracks that will challenge even the best players, there’s sure to be something on this list for you!

$225 Million Is Luring These PGA Golfers to the New Saudi Golf Tour

As time passed, more and more pros have started to voice their opinions about the Saudi Golf Tour with its reported $255 million in potential winnings this coming season. Surprisingly, not all of them are negative, and it appears that the Saudi Tour has more support than was initially expected.