The Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations Travelers are Eyeing

After years of visiting national parks, wide-open nature retreats, and domestic tropical island getaways during the pandemic, Americans show renewed interest in border-crossing this spring. And that interest is continuing into summer vacation dreaming and planning.

According to AAA booking data, international travel is up more than 200% compared to 2022.

Delta released their top 10 destinations for summer travel, based on U.S. searches.

And there is not one U.S. destination in their top 10. Here’s where Americans are hoping to go this summer around the world.


Tons of flights and a favorable exchange rate is driving interest and trips across the pond.

Besides beautiful beaches, the Cancun region has impressive Mayan archaeological sites, cenotes, eco-tourist parks, and delicious food.

Cancun, Mexico

This iconic European city is being taking off people's bucket lists and right onto their booked trips list.

Paris, France

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