Timeshare Deals with RCI Last Call

$350 Week Long Vacations: No exchange, No sales presentations, No funny business

What if I said that you could go on  week-long timeshare vacations at a RCI resort WITHOUT using your home resort week? Meaning, that you could use your vacation ownership week (or even rent it!) at your resort and also go on vacation to another timeshare (as many times as you want) for under $350. Yup, it is totally true– EVEN if you don’t own a timeshare! 

It is a type of RCI timeshare promotion called Last Call. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that one of my nicknames is Frugal Fannie and it is deals like these that make me do a little happy dance! For less than the price of theme park and attraction tickets for a family you can get a whole week’s worth of vacation accommodations!   #Jackpot #NotanAd #LifeHack

If you happened to find this article and are just joining me, this is one in a series of posts designed by an owner for owners to get the most for their timeshare vacations and RCI Membership! If you want to browse the other articles feel free:

What exactly are these Timeshare Deals?

In my 101 Post, I talked briefly about how supply and demand play into the RCI system of trading timeshares. Well, when the supply is high, but the demand is low you can score pretty fantastic timeshare deals from not only RCI, but any other timeshare exchange company. The overall idea, and how to find them, are similar across the companies. 

When there is still a good amount of inventory at a resort close to a check-in date, RCI, and all other timeshare exchange companies, put these units on major clearance.  In my research, I have found three timeshare exchange companies that are not only free to join, but don’t even require you to own a timeshare to take advantage of the vacant room deals: Platinum interchange, Trading Places International  and Trading Places Maui.

You can find RCI’s Last Call Vacations in a couple of different places on the website, pictured below after you sign in. RCI provides some introductory information on this program in their FAQ page if you don’t have your log-in information yet.  

Access these Timeshare Deals on the RCI Homepage
You can Access These Timeshare Deals on the RCI Homepage


Search Feature Option to Find Last Call Vacations
Or You can Select ‘Last Call” in the Search Options Field to Find RCI Last Call Vacations

RCI Last Call Program Vacation Options:

Recently, RCI expanded this Program giving members even more options to score Timeshare Deals without having to use ANY of your RCI points. They have three categories of Last Calls –  3 day vacations, 5 day vacations and 7 day vacations.  If you go on their homepage and scroll down to Offers you’ll also see these buttons. 

Timeshare Deals RCI Last Call 3 day getaways button

Find these Timeshare Deals for RCI Properties
Timeshare Vacations Deals at RCI Properties via the RCI Last Call Program


  1. The three night getaways are only $179 and can be booked 60 days out from your check-in date.
    • The list tends to be short because there aren’t a lot of RCI resorts that offer this length of stay but they are perfect for long weekends if you can score them!
  2. The five night getaways are $199 and are also made available at 60 days out.
    • The resort list tends to be longer, and gives you a little more variety of resort and location.
    • These are also great for long weekends –  you don’t have to stay the total number of days. Just call the resort and tell them when you’ll be checking in and out.
    • We’ve stayed in just ok hotels in shopping centers for over $200 a night so I think this is a steal. 
  3. Personally, I think the Last Call 7 night getaway vacations are one of key ingredients to make your vacation ownership really hard for you. 
    • This program offers week long stays at RCI properties 45 days out. Based on the size of the unit the prices range from $269 to $319.
    • I won’t bore you with how we track the value our timeshare has brought us, but definitely make a note of much this vacation would cost you if you booked it directly from the resort’s website when you score these.
    • These 7 day Last Calls really are amazing Timeshare Deals!

RCI Properties in the RCI Last Call Program

Are you thinking, well that is nice and all, but I bet those are all the older places in the RCI Resort Directory that I’m not interested in anyway. Honestly, there is a little bit of that BUT, there are also lots of great places, even those that have their own water parks on-site!  What you’ll find falls into categories:

  1. Cities with TONS of RCI resorts like Orlando, Vegas, Branson, Gatlinburg, Poconos

  2. Huge RCI Resorts with A LOT of units. For example:
    • Vacation Village Parkway in Orlando Florida has 21 buildings with 4200 units
    • The Grandview Las Vegas has 8 buildings and 2250 units
    • Massanutten in Virginia’s Mountains has over 1300 units (Gotta give my homestate a plug, ya’ll!)

  3. Off Season and Shoulder Season Places.
    • Yes you’ll get East Coast beach places in winter, spring and fall, but if you can be flexible it’s great for last minute long weekend trips when the weather is nice if you happen to live close to Myrtle Beach for example.
    • You’ll also see a lot of ski resorts listed in Spring, Summer and Fall. Whether it’s the Berkshires, NY or  Breckenridge, CO these ski towns are great across the seasons for hiking, ziplining, fishing, rafting, biking, golf etc.
  4. Less in-demand locations: Everyone wants to go to the Florida coast, yes. But that doesn’t mean that inland Florida towns aren’t fantastic timeshare vacations, too! Three amazing timeshare deals, for sure!
    • For example, there is a group of RCI resorts in Weston, FL that are regulars in the Last Call program. Are you looking to see as many National Parks as possible? You can go to 3 out of 4 of the National Parks in Florida from Weston.
    • Using a RCI Last Call trip for this National Park is an economical way to scratch one, or more,  off your list.  Ditto for Gaitlinburg, TN
    • Massanutten Resort is one of the best resorts in RCI and because it is one of the largest, it normally has some vacant rooms to fill! Massanutten is a great trip (and travel deal) in all 4 seasons. If you are skiers, don’t shy away from hitting up Shenandoah National Park during your trip. Megan @ Virginia Travel Tips has a great article on why you should consider a visit to this national park during winter!


Shameless Plug –>Looking to use your RCI Membership and Timeshare ownership to see the National Parks? Check out my post Timeshare to National Parks here for an exclusive list of RCI resorts U.S. near National Parks.

Remember that you don’t need to use any of your trading power with RCI to reserve a Last Call Vacation!  You can purchase them for friends and family, over the age of 21, with the addition of a $89 guest certificate.  Even with this added cost, they are vacation steals! Enjoy this RCI perk for family vacation or couples trips!



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