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  1. One of our bucket list goals is to visit every U.S. National Park! Next year we’re headed to Colorado to visit those parks, and if we can hopefully we’ll sneak in one or two this summer and fall once it’s safe to travel again.

    1. Sounds amazing! Colorado is so beautiful. Are those withing driving distance for you ?

    1. Thanks much for sharing Holly! Would love to hear what she thinks. Did you grow up vacationing at timeshares?

    1. Thanks much! We are looking forward to seeing more National Parks too. We are waiting to do our big trips the year my son is in the 4th grade – The U.S. Government give out free family passes for all 4th graders!

  2. These are great tips and tricks! I’m a HUGE fan of national parks! My hubby and I went on a 2+ week road trip in 2015 and visited a ton of National Parks throughout the Northwest! My favorite was probably Crater Lake! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly! A multi-week road trip is on our bucket list as well. Until then we are going to try and tackle the ones in Virginia, Maine and Florida

    1. Thanks so much! If you know anyone you owns a timeshare, let them know this section is for them – by another owner!

    1. Glad to have brought you something new! Does anyone you know have a timeshare? Let them know i’m here for them

  3. This looks like a great guide for RCI timeshare members. I love National Parks! My favorites so far are Shenandoah and Rocky Mountain.

    1. I haven’t been to those yet! Shenandoah is on our 3 year list as we can drive there!

  4. From someone who spent many years in the timeshare industry, it was absolutely refreshing to see RCI exchanges spoken of in a good light. Kudos to you for helping people learn how to navigate the system for rewarding vacations.

    1. Your comment means a lot to me! This is exactly what I’m aiming to do. Thanks for the kind words!

    1. thanks for the kind words! I was half way there for our own travels, so I decided to go all the way!

  5. National Parks are awesome. I can tell this took a lot of work on your end, but that’s great that you are sharing it with others so they don’t have to do the work over again!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! My slogan on my site is I plan So You Don’t have to! I like to do it, others don’t or don’t have the time, ya know!

  6. This is PERFECT! I have RCI points and would love to mix a vacation with relaxation and national park access – thank for the list!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Glad to meet another timeshare owner. Hope it helps you with trip planning

  7. My sister mentioned the every kid outdoors thing to me. I’m gonna have to take advantage of that!

  8. We have access to RCI exchanges so this is good to know. We are trying to get to every National Park and we will need to stay at hotels for some of them instead of camping.

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