Save 79% Off Last Minute Travel via Weekly Rate Hotels

Warning: Contains Secrets! Warning: $299 Weekly Rate Hotels! Warning: Amazing Condo Vacation Deals at Resorts Await!

If you want to score condo resort rooms at 79% off prices keep reading! That’s right, I’ll show you exactly how you can get a $1,847 reservation for pennies on the dollar via a timeshare rental.

Today, I’m going to share a part of the timeshare world with you that a lot of people don’t know about – Timeshare Exchange Companies. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an owner of a timeshare to take advantage of these epic travel deals with weekly hotel rates! And there is no high-pressure timeshare presentation required. And no, I’m not a secret employee of the timeshare industry. I’m just a happy timeshare owner of 15 years sharing epic travels deal with ya’ll. This frugal fannie wants to send everyone on vacation, no matter their budget!

A Timeshare is Actually a Condo Unit At a Resort

Timeshare vacation rentals combine the best amenities of a hotel with all the apartment conveniences of an Airbnb. Timeshare rooms offer space! Mulitple bedrooms, a living room, and fully equipped kitchens. Some even offer a washing/dryer. When people think of extended stay hotels, they often think of places like Embassy Suites, Candlewood Suites, Homewood Suites, Extended Stay America, Woodspring Suites, or Microtel Inn. But timeshare rentals also fit this bill, as timeshare ownerships are weekly increments, so they also offer cheap weekly rates.

That’s why when you look at the timeshare rental listings on these timeshare exchange company websites you’ll see differently sized units – studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or even three & four-bedroom units! No more hiding in the bathroom watching NetFlix while your kids or travel companion feel asleep for the night in your one-room hotel space.

What are Timeshare Exchange Companies?

If you’ve never heard of them before, one of the most exciting things about owning a timeshare (besides the fact that I have no chores to do at my vacation property) is that I can trade a week in my timeshare for another at 4,000+ affiliated resorts across 100+ countries via these companies. It’s like picking up your vacation home or ski condo and magically moving it around the world for every vacation! We love scoring weekly hotel reservations this way.

Owners deposit their timeshare weeks with an exchange company so they can trade it for a vacation at another resort. When units don’t get an exchange, companies make them available for rent on their websites. Most of these deals are 45 days out from check it, but some are available 3+ months out. These companies are offering weekly rates that are hard to beat!

Who are the Timeshare Exchange Companies?

These companies range from very large ones owned by resort groups like Marriott and Wyndham to small independent ones serving just Hawaii. Outside of the timeshare world, people don’t know that they can book these worldwide vacation resorts this way for pennies on the dollar.

Exchange Companies: Free to Join and Open to Anyone

  • Platinum interchange: An independent timeshare exchange and rental company started in 1979. They are not owned by a hotel chain and provide warm, small company customer service. That’s doesn’t impact their reach, though. They secure vacations to 1,300 timeshare resorts around the world.
  • Trading Places International: They originally started in 1973 as a full-service travel agency. Now, this small company provides resort management, exchange trades, and last-minute rentals for timeshare resorts. Look for their “Hot Deals” in the Weekly Rental section of their website for Weekly Rate Hotels.
  • Trading Places Maui: They used to be apart of Trading Places International but are now a woman owned independent exchange company focused on serving Hawaii timeshare owners. With over 100 timeshare resorts and 13,000 timeshare units in the state, there are a lot of weekly rate hotels to choose from. Check out just the first page of their timeshare rental deals!
Who says Hawaii is expensive with these Weekly Rate Hotels

Exchange Companies: Open to Anyone with Small Cost to Join

  • Expectations Interchange: This European exchange company is 30£ to join, but you don’t need to own a timeshare to become a member. What’s cool is that you can see all of their available deals before joining. If you have you’re looking to find hotels in Europe, this is a great place to check out their inventory of weekly rate hotels.

Exchange Companies: Open to Timeshare Owners and Their Guests

If you know someone who owns a timeshare, they have access to the world’s largest timeshare exchange companies, as the companies below do require a timeshare to join. If you love what I’m talking about here, but want more resorts to choose from, owners can book these for you with the addition of a guest certificate ( Free or under $100). Even adding in this cost, it’s a steal.

  • Resorts Community International (RCI): RCI is the leader in vacation exchange, offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network of 4,200+ resorts in 110 countries. There is a membership fee required, but many timeshare owners already have one. If you are a timeshare owner and have found this article, check out my Free RCI Tutorials.
  • Interval International: Interval International provides membership programs for vacationers for over 45 years. Their exchange network comprises more than 3,200 resorts in over 80 nations. There is also a membership fee required, but many timeshare owners already have one.
  • 7 Across (Previously named DAE): Their motto is “More fun with less fees, for everyone.” Meaning that if you know a timeshare owner, they can book these last-minute weekly rate hotels for you for no additional charge. This company originally started outside of the United States and tends to have lots of AsiaPac and Europe weekly rate hotels available.
  • RTX: Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) is a smaller timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company. It is free to join, but you do need to own a timeshare to sign up. Check out their weekly rate hotels, like this example from their website.
weekly rate hotels
Weekly Rate Hotels: One Example

What Type of Weekly Rate Hotels Can I Get?

Are you thinking, well that is nice and all, but I bet those are all the older resorts that I’m not interested in anyway. Honestly, there is a little bit of that BUT, there are also lots of great places that just happen to have rooms available.   What you’ll find in these Last Minute Deals typically falls into Four Categories.

Destinations With Lots of Timeshare Resorts in the United States Such As:

  • Orlando
  • Branson
  • Poconos
  • Gatlinburg
  • Las Vegas

For Las Vegas trips, check out Creative Travel Guide’s Las Vegas article with loads of great tips and budget-friendly advice. Their video version is fab as well!

Huge United States Timeshare Resorts Like:

  • Vacation Village Parkway in Orlando with 4,200 units
  • The Grandview Las Vegas with 2,250 units
  • Massanutten in Shenandoah Valley, VA with 2,300 units

Off-Season and Shoulder Season Locations

Ski resorts in the spring, summer, and fall! Whether it’s the Berkshires or Park City these mountain destinations are great in all seasons for hiking, ziplining, fishing, rafting, biking, golf, etc. These cities are great vacations and going to places off-season is a great way to score discounted weekly rates.


Less in Demand Locations

Everyone wants to go to a Florida beach, but that doesn’t mean other parts of the state aren’t a great trip too! There are a group of timeshare resorts in Weston, FL are you can score from these exchange companies on last-minute deals. They are close to the Everglades, have great pools and a whole schedule of free family activities at the resort. You can afford to stay even longer in weekly rate hotels at this price!


Weekly Rate Hotels: One Epic Deal

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the epic deal I mentioned at the top of this article! The same day I took some screenshots of an RCI Last Minute Deal, I also went on to price compare the exact same dates of the same hotel unit. That’s how I knew that booking a timeshare rental for The Cliffs at Peace Canyon via a timeshare exchange company really is an amazing deal.

If you booked a 2 bedroom unit on for the same time period, you’d pay $1,847 for the week. If a timeshare owner booked this for you on RCI the cost would $388 ( $299 rental cost plus $89 guest certificate). That means you are saving up to 79% of the price by booking it through a timeshare exchange company. 

If you like to vacation for pennies on the dollar, check out what these exchange companies! Happy Timeshare Traveling, ya’ll!

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