The Brand New TripBeat by Wyndham: The Unknown Travel Deal Website You Must Know in 2022

Who doesn’t love a good travel deal? As a happy timeshare owner of 15 years, I’ve learned a lot about this part of the travel world. One of my more recent discoveries is the travel website, TripBeat which offers timeshare rentals in top destinations for as low as $399 a week. That’s right, condos inside awesome resorts for as low as $57 a night. And, no, a high-pressure timeshare sales presentation isn’t required!

NOTE: Yes, has been changed by its parent company now called Travel & Leisure.  This was posted on their Facebook page on May 17th:

“We are excited to welcome you to the new TripBeat, which offers a full-service travel platform to access significant travel discounts only available to our members.”
  • Use Activation Code: TBFacebook22 to create your account today.
  • Premium members can access to additional savings including up to 60% off on hotel stays, access to $369 weekly resort stays and premium-only product offerings including cruise vacations with up to $1,500 in onboard credits.
  • Activate your account today and start traveling to the beat of your own adventure.

If you do a search on the Resorts Tab it appears that some of the former timeshare resort deals are still available. I did a search for Poconos, Orlando, and Las Vegas and found the usual resorts that were often available on the old Tripbeat.

As I continue to spend time on the new site I’ll update this article with all new information on what kind of travel deals you can find. But here are a couple of examples I pulled from the site on May 19th. 



If you’ve booked a place on the NEW and would like to be featured in this article please send me an email at [email protected] so we can share the most up-to-date information with travel deal lovers!

What is TripBeat?

TripBeat by Wyndham Destinations offers timeshare rentals at amazing prices. Wyndham Destinations is the world’s largest vacation ownership, exchange and rental company responsible for millions of vacations worldwide. If you’re looking for deals on long weekend trips, they also offer rentals on shorter stays. Translation: they are looking to fill available rooms at their thousands of resorts worldwide by offering them up for rent to non-timeshare owners.

What are Timeshare Resorts?


Timeshare vacation rentals combine the best amenities of a hotel with all the apartment conveniences of an Airbnb. Timeshares offer space! Mulitple bedrooms, a living room, and a fully-stocked kitchen. Some even offer a washing/dryer. They are often very large resorts with wonderful amenities like multiple pools and tons of on-site activities. To me, it’s really the best of both worlds in one spot! Here’s one such timeshare resort that regularly has availability on Tripbeat. Highly rated four-season resort close to a National Park. A lot of timeshare owners call this place “The Best in the Book.” it’s a favorite of so many!


TripBeat is Open to Anyone for Free

Registering for their site is a little confusing. At first glance, it looks like you have to have a certain affiliation (AARP, AAA, Employer Group, etc) to use the site. They use words like Members and Membership in a way that seems it is only for certain people. But when you go to sign -up for a free account, there is an option all the way at the bottom called “You Decide.”

What Places Can I Book on Tripbeat?

Tripbeat Greece Hotel
Wyndham Grand Crete Mirabello Bay – Spyed on

I was surprised to see so many international destinations listed on the site as well. We are planning a trip to Greece for our 15th wedding anniversary, and the prices look hard to beat! We will go technically in the off-season (September), so there will be more deals available than going during the summer or other more common holiday times. Combine a TripBeat resort reservation with a cheap flight and you’ve got yourself one economical Bucket List Vacation!

Most of their inventory will be in destinations with lots of timeshare resorts. TripBeat calls them “featured destinations” and calls out the following cities. Whether you looking to book a national park, family, couples or girls’ weekend vacation there are great cities for everyone!

  • Hilton Head, SC
  • Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Massachusetts (Mountains)/Berkshires
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Orlando, FL
  • Poconos, PA
  • Shenandoah Valley
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Tips for Using TripBeat

As with any travel deal website, learning how it specifically works with increase your chances of getting what you’re looking for!

  • Searching TripBeat: When booking hotels, it typically doesn’t matter what days of the week you search by. In the timeshare world, it’s a little different. As timeshare ownerships are typically in one-week increments with ownerships weeks starting on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the timeshare rentals you see here will mirror that. So if you’re searching with a check-in date of, say, Wednesday, you might not get any results. For the most availability, search with Friday, Saturday, or Sunday as your check-in date.
  • Dream Vacations: If you have a couple of locations you’re dreaming of for your next vacation, set up the “My Vacation Watcher” on TripBeat. It’s free, and they’ll send you an email when a rental becomes available for your chosen trip. They will even put it on hold for you for 24 hours without being charged! You can have up to two searches going at any time. This free, always working Vacation Assistant is right up my alley. Who doesn’t like to be on the VIP list, right?
  • Snagging Ultimate Deals: If you feel comfortable making vacation plans at the last minute, you can score really great deals on TripBeat. As the check-in day becomes closer, they mark down the price of the rental. So if you’re looking for that $399 weekly rental price, you may need to wait until closer to your check-in date.
  • Length of Stay: If you see an amazing price for a 7-day rental but know that you can’t stay that long, it’s ok. Go ahead and grab that epic deal! You can arrive one day late (BONUS, you can check into your room at 9 am if you’d like) and leave a day or two early ( allowing you to check out at any time of day). Just let the resort know beforehand of your plans. We often travel this way when timeshare traveling, as it allows us to both stretches our vacation days and still have access to the room.