Fund Your 2022 Family Vacation with Just 3 Realistic Spending Swaps

There’s that family vacation we all are dreaming of. But between sky-high child care payments, increasing gas prices, higher food costs, and a never-ending pile of bills, how can you afford it? Well, what if I told you that with just three realistic changes to your everyday spending, that family vacation to a beach, or other destination, can be within reach? This is the Way. 

How Much Money Are We Talking About Here?

The American family vacation for four costs $4,580 on average. While that four-figure number is indeed large and feels out of reach, you really can free up enough money- and more– with just three changes to your recurring expenses. Bringing mindful spending to just three areas in your life can bring a dream family vacation to Maui closer than you think! 

And while I’ll be using average spending figures throughout this article, I intend to illustrate in real numbers that you really can find family vacation money in your current spending. It’s about spending less in these three areas so you can divert money to that much-needed family vacation.

Focusing on Three Areas, Realistically

I get it. It’s no fun erasing all the fun from your daily life and attempting 50 different life changes to fund a one-week vacation. It’s also not realistic to suggest selling your car or moving to a cheaper cost of living area. And the thing is, you really don’t need to make those dramatic life changes to travel to the places you want to see in life. With relatively small changes in three spending areas, you really can find $4580 – and more!

How to Find $5,856 of Your Own Money to Afford a Family Vacation 

The average monthly spending for a family of four in America is $7,095 or $85,139 a year. That means that a $4,580 vacation would be 5% of a family’s annual spending. So by focusing on changing three recurring expenses, you really can find $5,856 of your own money for a family vacation that won’t leave you feeling deprived all the other days of the year.

While you’ll see many articles suggesting people turn to side hustles or other ways of making more money, that’s not realistic for all people. In this article, I’ll show how it is possible to go on a family vacation with the money you currently have. In addition, I’ve done the math to show how powerful some spending swaps over 356 days can be! While your numbers will be slightly different, the concept of savvy shopping and mindful spending is the same powerful tool you can use to find money in what you’re already making.

1. Grocery Shop at a New Store to Save $3207 a year

It probably comes as no surprise that food is one of the significant three expenses of any household (with housing and transportation being the other two). Whether you’ve got hungry teenagers or younger kids, Americans spend a lot of money on food at home. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a family of four with two preschool-aged children spend about $890 a month or $10,680 on food at home, with families of older kids spending $1,062 or $12,744 a year. You don’t need to go back to a college diet of ramen and PB&Js to afford a Mexico beach vacation. It can be as simple as buying your food at a different store. 

If you’re currently buying all brand-name groceries at a more high-end grocery store, switching to a primarily private label store (Aldi or Lidl) or Walmart Grocery can save you a lot of money. Like thousands of dollars!

  • A study by Cheapism showed that Aldi can save you 42% off your groceries bill as it is the cheapest place to buy groceries in America. 
  • If you’re already buying the generic brand at your current grocery store, you can still save 20% of your grocery bill by switching to Aldi.
  • Yes, there are claims out there that by doing nothing but changing your grocery store, can save $2,548 to $5,352 a year by shopping at Aldi (the equalivalent of 20% and 42% respectively)
  • While there are now over 2,000 Aldi stores across 36 states, if you aren’t lucky enough to have one close by, you can still save a lot of money shopping for groceries at Walmart, now the U.S.’s biggest supplier of groceries.
  • A study found that people can save 13.5% off their annual grocery bill or $1,720 over a year by shopping for grcoeries at Walmart.

Considering that most people will fall somewhere in the middle of these three options, the average savings of these three possibilities is a potential annual savings of $3207 a year on your grocery bill

2. Replace Cable with Streaming to Save $1409 a year

It’s time to cut cable for more affordable streaming TV and movie services. According to, the average cable bill in America is $217.42 a month or $2609.04 over a year. 

Being generous and cutting down to a budget of $100 a month for TV, the average savings would be $117.42 a month or 1,409.04 over a year. To give you a sense of how far $100 a month can go, you can buy a Hulu with Live TV plan, plus a Netflix account. Not too shabby!

3. Look for More Affordable Fun to Save $1240 year

While the pandemic has been painful in many ways, one of the things it reminded us of is that you can have fun in many different ways. And many of those ways are free or very inexpensive! A recent Harris Poll survey showed that 82% of Americans realized that they don’t have to spend money to have a good time. And their bank balances increased for it. 

The average household spends $2,482 over a year on entertainment. Just AMC Movie tickets alone are $50 for a family of four, not buying any concessions. All that fun adds up over a year. 

I’m by no means suggesting no fun at all! But by cutting this amount in half, you could save $1240 over the course of a year. First, make a list of no-spend activities you’re interested in and before spending on entertainment, review your list. Whether it’s going to museums on their free days or checking admission passes out from your library, continuing to visit county, state, or regional park free outdoor free fun, movie & board game nights in, quality time with your family doesn’t mean opening your wallet every single time.

This 50% approach still leaves you with $1240 for the year for those exceptional movies that are best seen in theaters, golf rounds at reasonably priced public golf courses, special shows or concerts that come to town that you don’t want to miss, and amusement park tickets for the family. For me, it’s about being intentional and saving your spending for those things that are the most important. In our house, that would be when Frozen on Broadway or KidzBopKids come to town!

The Idea is To Inspire: Your Calculations May Vary

get paid to travel family vacation


While I used averages to run these numbers, I hope that the intention of the exercise opened your eyes. It really is possible to find money within your bank account for your next family vacation. To me, it’s about finding ways to spend money on the things that are important to you.

And yes, feeding my family well is important to me, but if I can do it in a way that saves me thousands of dollars, you bet I’m going to try out a new grocery store. So even if I don’t do everything in this article, if I found $1,000 to divert to an affordable family vacation that we drive to instead of fly, I’ll still call that a win!